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First Steps in Music, Preschool (3-6)
Keyboard Games for Beginners (4-5)
Music Moves for Piano (6-10)
Keyboard Composing/Recording/Editing (11-13)
(Prerequisite: 2 years of piano instruction)
Beginning Tin Whistle (7-11)


Being In Motion: Mind/Body Music (5-8)
The Butterfly Dance: Paneurhythmy (5-12)
Putumayo World Playground (6-9)
Singing Games & Circle Dances (6-9)
Body Beat & Rhythm Games (6-10)

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Margaret A. Waddell, M. M.
Early Childhood Music Specialist
Missouri Certified K-12 Music Instructor (over 18 years experience)

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About First Steps in Music classes

I use the First Steps in Music curriculum for my General Music classes - from Early Childhood and Preschool classes through the Elementary level. Developed by John Feierabend, PhD, director of the National Center for Music and Movement in the Early Years – it’s the same curriculum taught in YMCA facilities across the country. Look for it on the PBS Kids Melody Hounds show with Lomax the Hound of Music. For the Homeschool class I’ve added some exciting, kid-approved activities to Dr. Feierabend’s elementary curriculum. Some of these are influenced by the learning theories of Howard Gardner & Edwin Gordon.

More info about the First Steps in Music curriculum can be found on the About First Steps In Music page. If you're ready to sign up, go find the exact First Steps class that's right for you.

About Conversational Solfege classes

Just like First Steps in Music, this curriculum is designed by Dr. John Feierabend. A natural progression from my Early Elementary/Homeschool class, it is designed to start in second grade, but in some cases kids who have studied with me since toddlerhood, may be ready to start sooner. The Level 1 class will start as a Summer 2009 camp.

About Music Moves for Piano classes

The introductory Summer 2008 camps went VERY well, so I have continued teaching Marilyn Lowe's curriculum during the rest of the year. Currently these classes are for kids who have little or no experience with the piano, but that will change with time! There are two separate classes - Keyboard Games for Beginners for 4-5 year olds and the Preparatory Level for 6-8 year olds. They use different books and move at a different pace.

These fun classes for beginners can lead to further, more advanced smaller group lessons, paired lessons, or private lessons (depending on the age, aptitude & motivation of each student). Read more about these classes on the About My Piano Classes page. Once you're ready, visit the Music Moves for Piano pages.

If you have any questions at all, please use the contact form.

Thank you,
Margaret Waddell

May 5, 2009 WS

Hello Parents & Grandparents of Windsor Street Montessori School students (What a mouthful!)

Tonight I'm practicing my newsletter publishing skills. This is my first newsletter for the Windsor Street Music Program.
Your student has been learning songs from the Old Joe Clark CD during this school year. The curriculum is split into two semesters, so we're nearly at the end of the second semester. We've covered almost all of the material. I hope you've been hearing some of it at home (How about the planting song, Pickin' a Spot?)

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